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The Hudson Union Society is a wonderful place where leaders connect, share pivotal intimate lessons, and learn. The access and unique members are incredible.
 - Colin Powell

Conan O'Brien
BulletStar Would you like to shine a more intimate spotlight on silver screen stars and bask in knowledge gleaned from game-changing political leaders?

BulletStar Would you like to drop your conversational anchor alongside those who change the tides of history on a daily basis?

BulletStar Would you like to blaze trails that stretch from Washington to Hollywood, collecting postcards from a nonstop procession of A-list mixers, live musical performances, and debates of contemporary global importance along the way?
Join the conversation
Join the conversation

Membership in the Hudson Union Society® grants you unparalleled, first-hand access to the world's movers and shakers.

The Hudson Union Society® represents a democracy of voices sustained by the sharpest minds in business, science, government, and the arts. Become a member today, and strike up a conversation with those whose opinions underlie society's most provocative discourses.

Our annual event schedule casts velvet ropes aside to grant members exclusive access to prestigious speaking events, red-carpet film premieres, and a multitude of mixers and galas at select locations around Manhattan. Catch notes as they pirouette through the air at live music performances, or dodge verbal daggers as leaders spar in parliamentary-style debates about topics of contemporary global importance.

Many of the world's most distinguished luminaries stop by the Hudson Union Society® to report on the annual fluctuations in culture's pulse rate, and our members rarely miss a beat to these intimate disclosures and a routine supplement of star-studded soirees. Rarely do such constellations converge under a single roof, but the Hudson Union Society® remaps the boundaries that traditionally separate society's boldest architects from its daily participants.

To complement this lineup of visiting luminaries, the Hudson Union Society® regularly arranges cocktail events where fellow members can mingle, network, and hatch strategies for world domination in a casual setting. These members-an esteemed amalgamation of business executives, lawyers, doctors, diplomats, actors, musicians, writers, researchers, students, and countless others-benefit as much from forging relationships with one another as they do from attending our high-profile events.

In the interest of fostering a dynamic intellectual community, the Hudson Union Society® is open to prospective members of all personal, professional, and educational backgrounds. If you are open-minded and eager to share your perspective with others, there's a seat for you at our table.

The Hudson Union Society® offers a veritable smorgasbord of membership types, each with its own treasure trove of perks. 

Membership is valid for one full year after the date on which you join. Please choose your preference from the membership options described below:

Basic Membership $150

A basic membership permits exclusive access to a profusion of free and reduced-rate speaker events, galas, and mixers across Manhattan. Dive headfirst into a dizzying array of private parties and intimate conversations with your fellow members.

Special Membership $95

Gain access to our robust lineup of speakers at a reduced rate with the special membership. With this special membership rate, we aim to infuse our base with a heaping dose of diversity. College students, artists, writers, primary and secondary school teachers, Rhodes Scholars, Marshall Scholars, Fulbright Scholars, and White House Fellows are all eligible for this reduced rate. 

Fellow Member $1,500

Claim a privileged seat in our community with a fellow membership. Fellows can hop into red-carpet carpool lanes and enjoy free admission to all events (except breakfast, lunch, and gala events), along with privileged access to select private receptions with guest speakers. 

$1,000 of the membership fee is tax-deductible.

Patron Member $3,000

Instantly become Hudson Union Society® royalty with the patron membership. Patrons are duly rewarded with free access to many events, entry to most private VIP receptions, and a digital picture with most guest of honor.  Their support is also recognized on our website. 

$2,000 of the membership fee is tax-deductible.
Annual membership is valid for one year from the date of joining

Join the conversation

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David Lynch
David Lynch

Paul Krugman
Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize Winner

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Philip Seymour Hoffman

Paul Giamatti & James McAvoy in The Last Station
Paul Giamatti
James McAvoy

Wangari Maathi - Nobel Peace Prize Winner
Wangari Maathi, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

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