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David Duchovny

David Duchovny is a bestselling novelist, actor, writer, producer, director, and singer-songwriter. He is known for playing FBI Agent Fox Mulder on the sci-fi horror action drama show The X-Files and writer Hank Moody on the comedy-drama series Californication, both of which have earned him Golden Globe awards. He also starred on the television series Twin Peaks. In film, he has appeared in Working Girl, Chaplin, and Zoolander, among others.

Duchovny, who has a love for writing and storytelling, earned a B.A. in English literature from Princeton University and an M.A. in English literature from Yale University. Duchovny's first novel, Holy Cow, became an instant bestseller. And now, in Duchovny's new, highly praised second novel, Bucky F*cking Dent, Ted Fullilove, a Carter administration-era Ivy Leaguer, sells peanuts at Yankee Stadium while churning out multiple drafts of (he wishes) the Great American Novel.

Rob Lowe says, " David Duchovny is a very smart and wryly entertaining actor, and now, novelist. Although I will never publicly admit to jealousy, I am having him killed."

Each paid attendee will receive a signed copy of Duchovny's new novel, Bucky F*cking Dent. This will be a fascinating evening which will include a one-hour conversational interview with one of the most intelligent actors and writers, who understands the art of storytelling and moving people. Early RSVPs are suggested as the event will reach capacity.

Early RSVPs are suggested here as the event will reach capacity.

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